MetaTrader 5


Advantages of MT5

The MetaTrader 5 trading platform is currently the most widely used foreign exchange trading software in the world, and GNY Prime provides multiple types of clients to meet more customer needs. With only one account, you can use a PC, tablet, smartphone, or directly the browser to choose any method that suits you to conduct transactions without any restrictions.


Features of MT5

The GNY Prime trading platform aims to provide customers with an efficient and powerful trading experience. The first-class liquidity and bridging technology enable our customers to experience precise transactions without rejecting orders and repeating quotes. MT5 desktop, Mac and mobile trading terminals include advanced charting packages and many customizable tools, allowing traders to implement various strategies. A rich variety of technical analysis tools, market indicators and intelligent Expert Advisor functions. Features include automatic monitoring, advanced charts and real-time analysis, etc.


Our MT5 Trading Platform​