Client Money Insurance

Insurance Type

every Individual Retail Client of ours is insured
for up to US$1,000,000*

GNY Prime has taken out Client Money Insurance (CMI) on behalf of our clients as a reputable broker with a worldwide reputation. The reason is to offer more security so you can concentrate on trading peacefully.

All our retail clients are immediately covered by our Client Money Insurance insurance (*The CMI policy provides protection for retail account balances over US$20,000).

Our policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London, so you can be assured that you're covered by a trustworthy provider.

Traders are not charged extra for Client Money Insurance.

Trading with an award-winning broker gives our clients peace of mind.

What is the significance of client money insurance?
Client Money Insurance is available in case something goes wrong, just like any other type of insurance. For example, if our company were to declare bankruptcy and there was a shortage in segregated customer funds, the insurance coverage would cover any outstanding sums up to $1,000,000 per client.
What isn't covered by Client Money Insurance?
CMI was put in place to cover a “worst case” scenario, such as our company being declared insolvent unexpectedly. This insurance cannot be utilised to compensate for legitimate losses incurred during normal trading activities.
What are your responsibilities?
Nothing! You can continue trading as usual because Client Money Insurance has been secured on behalf of all of our retail traders. We’ll contact you in the unusual case of a substantial business disruption.